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Backpacking 2004
Mark Twain National Forest
Backpacking 2003
Yellow River State Forest, Iowa
Backpacking 2002
Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming
Backpacking 1998
Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming
a bernese mountain dog
Fishing 2000
Ontario, Canada
a bernese mountain dog
Pittsburgh Penguins 1998
vs. Boston Bruins
Pittsburgh Penguins 2001
vs. NY Islanders & NY Rangers
Road Trip 2000
Kansas, New Mexico, & Utah
United States
Hockey League

pictures taken at USHL games, some found on www.ushl.com


States on the U.S. $5 Bill


This site lists areas to hike with your dog. Most of the listed areas are close to Omaha, Nebraska (USA), but some more distant places are also listed.

Areas are rated based on cleanliness, popularity/crowds, trails, and scenery. I like to hike on trails less travelled. If the trails are crowded, then the area will get a lower rating. Trails popular with mountain bikers will also get a lower rating. Not that I dislike mountain bikers, but we tend to get in each other's way. I also enjoy long, rugged trails. Paved and gravel trails will get lower ratings than woodchip trails. I will generally give woodchip trails lower ratings than dirt trails.

Park State Drive time from Omaha
Overall Rating
Big Piney Trail
Paddy Creek Wilderness
Mark Twain National Forest
MO 8 hours ****
Hitchcock Nature Area
IA 30 minutes *** 1/2
Indian Cave State Park
NE 90 minutes ***
Mahoney State Park
NE 40 minutes **
Medicine Bow National Forest WY 9 hours ****
Platte River State Park
NE 40 minutes ***
Preparation Canyon State Park IA 1 hour *** 1/2
Schramm Park
NE 30 minutes **
Waubonsie State Park
IA 90 minutes ** 1/2
Yellow River State Forest
IA 7.5 hours ****